Oh, hell yes! Finally, Carmageddon is back, in all its deranged, inhumanly violent glory. It’s been so long that I’ve completely forgot, how much we needed a little Carmageddon up in this platform. This isn’t simply a port of sixteen years old game, but actually a remake, shining with polished textures and exciting new features, delivering even more than I’ve personally hoped for. Continue reading “Carmageddon” »

Chock A Block

Chock A Block is a non-stopping block action, through and through. If you don’t like blocks, or have blockergies, you’d better stay away from this solid brick of a game, featuring the blocks of all possible colours, in tons of levels, filled to the borders with them. It’s like a block heaven for block people. If you don’t get it yet, I have absolutely no idea, what to tell about Chock A Block Continue reading “Chock A Block” »

Crazy Bill

It’s a known fact that to really spark the creative side of anything, you should first limit it. The more severe the limiting, the more ingenious this thing may become. Case in point: Crazy Bill, which takes place in a zombie hotel, which is such a random idea that it was bound to work. The limit here comes from the fact that the hotel is only taking up the length of the screen and goes upwards. Continue reading “Crazy Bill” »