Chock A Block

Chock A Block is a non-stopping block action, through and through. If you don’t like blocks, or have blockergies, you’d better stay away from this solid brick of a game, featuring the blocks of all possible colours, in tons of levels, filled to the borders with them. It’s like a block heaven for block people. If you don’t get it yet, I have absolutely no idea, what to tell about Chock A Block, since it’s one of those puzzle arcades that can provide many hours of entertainment, if you like its central idea, but is impossible to describe, because there’s nothing else in the bloody thing, other than the central idea. The central idea here being moving blocks around the levels, and bringing them together to get points, and continue onwards to the next level.

Gameplay in Chock A Block is very simple, but quite challenging as well. In each level, you get a field of a certain shape, filled with blocks. You can move almost any block around it, horizontally and vertically, as you please, by pressing on it and swiping into any direction. The blocks can’t pass through other blocks, of course. When you bring three or more blocks of the same colour together, they morph in one block of the more advanced colouring. The simple formula goes like this: three yellow blocks turn into one orange block. Three orange blocks – into red; red – into black, and finally, three black blocks together form a diamond block. The best outcome of the level is that you don’t have a single yellow, orange or red block left on the field at the end. The black and diamond blocks don’t count, but they can’t be moved at all, so it’s quite a challenge to bring three of them together. If you combine four or more blocks of the same colour, you can spawn green bonus cubes that only last for a limited time, before vanishing, but if combined together, grant you a significant score bonus for all of your combinations, further in the level.

The only real variety in the simple game comes from four different game modes, slightly different from each other. There’s a classic mode that gives you a limited amount of “lives” that are taken away from you for every brick, left on the level, there’s a time mode that gives you a time limit for every level, zen mode that doesn’t give you any real restrictions, but demand you to remove everything, and survival mode that spawns blocks over and over again. You can also pick “challenge” mode that compares your scores on the difficult challenges, to those of the other players.

In the end, Chock A Block is a nice puzzle with very simple rules, but an astounding amount of levels and game modes to make up for it. It’s a very well done game, with smooth graphics and animations, and even a great sound design. So, despite its simplicity, it’s actually a very rich and interesting puzzle.

Genre: Puzzle

Developer: Claymore Games

Publisher: Claymore Games

Price: $0.99

Reviewed on: iOS

Available on: iOS

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