Crazy Bill

It’s a known fact that to really spark the creative side of anything, you should first limit it. The more severe the limiting, the more ingenious this thing may become. Case in point: Crazy Bill, which takes place in a zombie hotel, which is such a random idea that it was bound to work. The limit here comes from the fact that the hotel is only taking up the length of the screen and goes upwards. You play as the game’s namesake, Crazy Bill, who bursts into this hotel with guns blazing and a clear intention to kill for the second time the hotel’s green, rotting residents.

The game is not just exciting to play; it is quite funny as well. You meet a whole host of celebrities and other popular people – both dead and living

The game is controlled by tapping either left or right side of the screen. Bill runs from one side of the level to another, as well as climbs up the ladders, on his own. You only need to make him shoot by tapping on the right side of the screen and jump by tapping on the left; if you prolong your tap, he will do a double-jump. From the very start, you only have a standard pistol, which can only kill the zombies that are close to you. But as you collect enough money and unlock new weapons, you’re going to have a great number of guns to choose from, later. There are also different power-ups which, again, you mostly need to unlock first, before you can find them in-game and use them. You have three hearts from the start, which are removed every time you get hit by anything, although you can restore them by picking up health kits, hanging around the level – all the power-ups and weapons you stumble upon, are hanging from the ceiling so you need to jump, in order to pick up them. The weapons are also removed from you after you spend all of their ammo or you get hit. The game is not just exciting to play; it is quite funny as well. You meet a whole host of celebrities and other popular people – both dead and living, strangely – from Einstein to Elvis to Barack Obama to god knows who else. Some of them are wandering randomly, but mostly you meet them in every fifth floor of the hotel. The game also has a great system of achievements that increase your income multiplier after the moment you get them. Speaking of income, I never actually felt the need to spend the actual money to play further – the only time when you are reminded it’s a free-to-play game is when the game basically gives you an ad of itself for three seconds sometimes, when you go to the store screen. To sum things up, Crazy Bill is basically a great, full of adrenaline, free zombie murdering game – don’t let it get past yourself.

Genre: Action, Shooter

Developer: Ivanovich Games

Publisher: Ivanovich Games

Price: Free-to-play

Reviewed on: iOS

Available on: iOS

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