Dirt Road Trucker 3D

I have a weird habit, playing racing games. If you’ve ever played Grand Theft Auto, then I’m sure you’ve had a fun time, trying to drive, actually obeying the rules. Well, I took it way farther than anyone. I’ve made it my personal challenge to always drive like I’m mr. Rogers. Well, I still speed like crazy, and disregard most of the road borders, but I evaded everything moving and breathing, and even managed to obey the rules of traffic. Having no car myself, I find a strange, zen-like appreciation in the traffic routine, even though I’m pretty sure I’d be the first to enter road rage, if I was actually participating in one. In any case, my unusual addiction means that I appreciate various “careful driving” simulators, so popular on the mobile market. Although they often require an impossible share of patience, the ones that don’t restrict you to barbaric time restrictions, are quite enjoyable for me. And that’s not even the only reason for why I liked Dirt Road Trucker 3D, despite it having a very simple gameplay, and not a lot of content.

Dirt Road Trucker 3D doesn’t feature a variety of maps, unfortunately. To say the truth, there’s just a single map, that’s getting slightly changed over the course of your travels through thirty levels. Your mission is simple, but not easy. You need to move several heavy objects from one area to another, as careful as possible. On practice, your truck gets filled with different stuff, and you need to try and not spill it all over the road, as you ride through bumps and obstacles on the road. You have a set limit of how much you are allowed to spill, before the level is over, but if you lose one or more pieces of your cargo, you get a time penalty. This doesn’t mean anything, though, as time is simply a measure of your productivity, and there’s nothing to gain from a great score. As unusual as it is, Dirt Road Trucker 3D features quite astonishing graphics, for such a simple game, and believable physics engine. Both your truck, and your cargo behave realistically, and although the view isn’t changing from level to level, it’s not irritating at all. There are even several ways of controlling your truck, and three levels of sensitivity. You press buttons to drive forwards or backwards, but you can choose between tilt, wheel, or button controls to steer your metal steed – a surprising and pleasant variety. Overall, I had a great impression of the game. Its only real issue is that there should be several different tracks, and more content in general, but as it is, it’s a nice, cosy free-to-play truck simulator.

Genre: Racing, Physics

Developer: 3dinteger

Publisher: 3dinteger

Price: free-to-play

Reviewed on: Android

Available on: Android

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